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I would like to file a complaint regarding Redibids online and sweepstakes businesses in Chesapeake and Va. Beach Va.

I have patronized these businesses on several occasions, and feel that they are not treating the patrons fairly. The games are failing to go to bonuses and the auctions are not going off at fair amount. Because every bid cost .63 cent and they give you the past three averages, of the auction and it doubles and triples the amount of the average amount. It is suppose to be a penny auction but for every penny it cost 6$ and 30 cents because every 10 bids equals one penny.

I can go into the business and spend 200$ and not go to the bonus once and sometimes go to the bonuses and get zero. which has been happening more lately. They are really ripping the patrons off a lot them have been complaining about how the games have been doing lately. They don't payout at all you might get up to a 100$ and then your computer will shut down sometimes it reboots itself and some times they have to reboot it for you.

But once it reboots you never see another bonus and it takes all the money back that you have won. I realize that i take a chance when going in to these establishments, but i also want to be treated fairly when i spend my money. that's why i am asking for these businesses to be investigated. Attached is a video of a wal mart card that was suppose to go off at 48.12 but as you see it has not gone off and if you add up the money they have made off that card.

The are ripping the patrons off because they have made 10 times the amount of that card and they are not paying out. I feel that if i win that auction i shouldn't have to pay the amount that the auction ends at because i have already been paying for it the whole time. And also i feel that i shouldn't have to compete with the people playing online, when i am in the business playing they don't have the same games and they don't have they same rules. They can not redeem the money the win and me being in the business can redeem the money i win.

I feel it is illegal that i have to be competing with them for the same items. when i am in a business with a different name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Redibids Bidding.

Reason of review: the bidding, auctions and payments.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1252577

Everyone needs to stop patronizing them and just go to the real casino. They are ripoffs.

The people that work there tell their friends and family to come on thursdsay night when they have the 55 in tv drawing, and act like they never played before, and, wahlaaaa. they end up winning the tv.

Donna has done this on two occasions and i watched it happen and how she interacs with the so called new person. Donna works at the one in virginia beach on holland rd

Palmyra, Virginia, United States #1227714

It used to be fair but they found they make more money by screwing the players...

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1223732

Did anyone read the rules of how to play the game . Ask them .

I bet they will tell you " NO " but I thought I knew how . This is not a game scam , this is a game of strategy , you never read the rules of the game so your the *** the game did everything the rules said it would do and more

to Anonymous #1235116

You must work there......the game never said it was going to rip us off.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1215369

We should start a class action law suit against this company. If anyone is interested in joining the law suit please email me

to Anonymous Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1314545

I am

Hampton, Virginia, United States #1202472

Just because the past averages has an amount posted, does NOT mean that it's supposed to drop when it reaches it. sometimes it does & other times it doesn't.

it's an auction & so therefore it drops at random. if people actually thought it was going to drop on the amount posted as the past average, don't you think these patrons would not waste any of their bids & wait until a couple of cents before hand to start clicking? that makes sense to me. I'm glitzANDglam on RediBids & I know the system very well.

I applaud the owner of this business for all they have blessed myself & my family & my friends with.

this is such a wise business person if you look at the business point of view. maybe you can call tech support or even customer service & have them give you more advice to bring clarity to this situation & they will be happy to assist you in solving your technical difficulties that you've been experiencing while playing.

Bessemer, Alabama, United States #1181836

I live in Birmingham Alabama and at our site I guess they resell the gift cards after you have won them. On one occasion I won a 100 dollar Walmart card and got to the store to redeem and it was nothing on it. Its just sad something needs to be done about this.

to Anonymous Meridian, Idaho, United States #1348790

I was ripped off from redibids. It all started went to Walmart and use electronic gift cards and come to find out all cards were 0 balance and all ready redeemed.

Check my home Depot gift cards 50 and 100 were also 0 balance. Cabales 100 and 50 gift card also 0 balance. Contacted Cabela's and it shows that the vendor issued gift cards and also redeemed to 0 balance.

Redibids would not do anything. I did notice they took off gift cards at the store.

All of this happen in June 2017. I was stolen total of 550.

I got ripped off. They really need to be shutdown!

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