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I have watched on two occasions how annette on holland road has her friends come n jus before the tv raffle n they act like itd their first time playing n the dhe calls their name for the tv. She never lets anyone see the ticket n immediately starts talking n drops the ticket back n the bucket so noone will ask to see the name.

When the girl with wet hair came n the door at 8:30 o said to my mom... There is your winner for the tv tonight. She walkec up to the counter n gabe 20.00 n went to her seat. Annette went over n startec to talk loud as if she was expllaing.

The hirl was already playing when annette went over yo her. Im convinced annette is cheating..i watched n predictec 2 times.girll with 1 ticket n everybody else spend spending 100s of dollars all day n have a lot of tickets n the barrell. Miss me with the ***. She is cheating.

She tells everybody how much u win n count your money out loud. I bet all of her family got 55' tvs n their trailer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Redibids Bidding.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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